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15/05/2020 We go virtual!

Come Join us online @ our 80's Zoom Party on May 30th!

More info on the 80's Zoom Party page! Just Click on the page button above!

We also have a new blog section that will replace this news section. :-)

04/02/2020 What a year!

After a phenomenal first year of shows we are now into 2020 and ready to Rock!

That 80's Night went from strength to strength during 2019 and is racking up the positive reviews. Dates are already starting to full up for 2020 so if you are planning to book we recommend getting in early. ;-)

16/04/2019 Bookings are filling up!

We are starting to get busy towards the end of the year but fear not! We have two teams able to perform on any evening so there should be plenty of 80's goodness to go 'round! 

26/11/2018 The show is on the road!

After having our first and very successful performance for Haven, we have now released a series of promo videos so that our customers can get a taste of what it's like to experience That 80's Night! Check out the 60 second promo video on the main page with still images from the show in the media section.


Renee Montemayor, cast member and actress from BBC's 'Grange Hill', recently had the the pleasure of representing 'That 80's Night' by performing Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' at the 'Grange Hill' reunion at BBC White City with awesome support from the talented Chris Haley and Ross Bremner. They all made a massive impression that night and we are very proud!

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 14.10.16.png

We now have a major UK promotor onboard to help bring the act to a town near you!

30/05/2018 FULL STEAM AHEAD!

We are proud to announce that we have signed a contract with a major UK venue plus are moving forward with the creation of our social media presence and new marketing material!

28/03/2018 WE ARE LAUNCHED!

We are very proud to launch the home of 'That 80's Night'! 

New production photo's and promo video coming soon!

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